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I.T. Support

Computers can be the best thing in your office, but they can also have problems of their own, even when they are working properly. Problems can vary, from the trivial to the very serious. When computer problems arise; regardless of how big or small, they can have a huge impact your business.

VOIP Telephoney

Business telephony and the way we communicate has experienced lots of changes recently, with hosted phone systems now becoming the obvious choice. Installation is quick, easy and inexpensive, and although technologies like VoIP (basically voice calls transmitted over the internet) are nothing new, they’ve seen huge improvements in recent years.

Guest WiFi

Did you know that you can turn your Bars WiFi into a Data capture machine?

Bar and Pub owners can capitalise on this by creating new and engaging experiences every time someone connects, promoting your own products, or even selling advertising.

When someone connects to your WiFi, we capture that data and share it every month with you, suddenly you start to reach a far wider audience.

Web Design and Hosting

We offer a range of website design services, from initial design to build into a responsive, good looking and user friendly website. For ultimate control we can also build in a content management system so you can update content wherever you are in the world.


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