Managed Guest WiFi

Transform your Bar or Pub’s Free WiFi into a data capture machine

Why should you provide Guest WiFi in your Bar or Pub?

Bar and Pub owners can capitalise on this by creating a new and engaging experience every time someone connects, promoting your own products even selling advertising, suddenly you start to reach a far wider audience.

Capture Key data

Using Social media or a custom login form, you can collect key data such as Name, Email and Date of Birth.

Easy to Connect

Customers in your venue may want fast and easy access to the Internet while enjoying your services, using Social media to connect.

Push Marketing

We use push marketing to send promotions to your customers' phones whilst they are using your Guest WiFi.

Make it Personal

Send a personlised email to your customers on their birthday inviting them to visit for special birthday treats.

Extra Income Stream

Sell advertising to your business partners, whether you want them to pay per month or the number of impressions, its up to you!​

Customised User Experience

When guests connect to WiFi, your branded login page will appear on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.​

Flexible Managed Guest WiFi

Using our service is easy, works well in any public venue, managed remotely by our experts, if you want to install it yourself or get our specialists to do it for you, its up to you, give us a call o0116 2823344

Bars or Pubs

Shisha Lounges

Snooker & Pool Halls

Restaurants or Coffee Shops

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